Monday, October 25, 2010

Top 10 Unsolved Missing-Person Cases

From Criminal Justice Degrees Guide Online:
Unsolved crimes take on a whole new level of eerie attraction when it comes to missing-person cases: instead of the stone-cold whodunit murder with a body and clues, they revolve around unexplained disappearances and thus feel more puzzling than other crimes.  Circumstantial evidence often presents itself later, allowing family, friends, and investigators to mostly piece together what happened, but the lack of finality makes an unsolved missing-person case feel like a situation that will never be resolved, no matter what’s learned. Top 10 Unsolved Missing-Person cases:

1. The Springfield Three, 2. Maura Murray, 3. Natalee Holloway, 4. D.B. Cooper, 5. The Beaumont Children, 6. Ambrose Bierce, 7. Percy and Jack Fawcett, 8. Joseph Crater, 9. Michael Rockefeller, 10. The Roanoke Colony
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If you or someone you know was a victim of crime or is a missing person, consider visiting The Surviving Parents Coalition. From their site:

The Surviving Parents Coalition is a parent-driven, 501c4 organization committed to saving lives.  Our coalition’s founding demonstrates the power of survival and how suffering can motivate people to accomplish extraordinary things. We must defend the innocent. Child safety programs and the agencies involved need resources. We lobby for funding and legislation because they are essential to effective change. Our goal is to ensure young people mature naturally without abuse and emotional turmoil. The SPC is determined to grow and spread out nationally one family at a time. United together we become a mighty force for reform.

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