Friday, November 19, 2010

Updated: Grayson Vaughn's best interest

Grayson Vaughn is now an endangered child, victim of flaws in our justice system that ignore the best interest of children. After a three-year legal battle, parents Christy and Jason Vaughn lost custody of their son Grayson to his biological dad, who many have said is unfit to be a parent. 
Please, if you would be willing to take a moment to tweet and ask your followers to help support the Vaughn family during this terrible time, it will go a long way. We are still working to bring this child home to his adoptive parents who love and miss him!
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Phyllis Vaughn said...

After the latest news from Ohio that the ‘emergency hearing’ for visitation was not to be,... the Dec.1 adoption hearing was just a motion hearing,... another set-back,.. another day gone by with less and less hope of seeing Grayson, we need to reignite the public rage against the injustice regarding this child. I only have two feeling these days….rage and devastation. Watching my son in such anguish breaks my heart. How do such good people become victims of a justice system that is suppose to fair and unbiased.

The child being torn away from his family, the brother left behind not understanding but grieving the loss of his brother, the mother who was the first to hold him in the delivery room, the father who comforted Grayson each night as he slept under his arm and the baby sister that asks, “Where’s Grady?”…these are victims of a system that is broken. It seems judges look away, bury their heads in the sand, and extend professional courtesy to each other as the child is delivered much like a commodity to a stranger’s door.

Yes the GAL has visited, announced, and observes a child engaging with the only adult present. What would be the observations of an unannounced visit? Why would a caring father refuse communication with the parents who had raised his son since his birth? What happens at night when Grayson cries for his daddy and mommy, and we know he does? How can a community ignore the obvious in the name of biological father’s rights? The rights of the child have been violated and no one is noticing.