Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Hate Halloween

Let me just say it - I hate Halloween.  I didn’t always hate it, but I do now.  Ok, I never really loved the holiday to begin with... but over time dislike turned to hate. I think it stems from when I was a student at UC Santa Barbara (back in the day).  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my days at ‘SB - but I hated specifically what the costumes did to the kids on campus.  Perhaps, I am little bah-humbug in that I hate the New Years holiday too... It’s just that big holidays like that always seem to bring out the worst in people. There are so many crazy expectations and everyone sets-up the day to be so “important.”

But, Halloween also has added the element of disguise that I really can't stand. I have always fancied myself of somewhat of a trendsetter -- but who knew that I would be thinking 10 years ago what everyone is writing about now: the disgustingness of Halloween costumes. People are obsessed with how kids as young as four-years-old are dressing up in overly sexualized, scantily clad outfits (think short skirt Britney Spears, short top Hannah Monana, low cut Barbie, or za-za gypsy costumes). Not to mention the inappropriate dress of adults who go for that look. These outfits are at best promiscuous and at worst down right offensive (for any age, but especially the younger ones). 

The thing that I crack-up about is that people are writing about this like it’s a new phenomenon. Duh, people - this is not new!! This is just the “women’s rights” version of what men have been doing for years.  For years, men have worn masks, capes, or other disguises and have used their cloaking as an excuse to act-out and go wild. 

It is this acting out business (now both by men and women) that has made me truly hate Halloween.  For whatever reason, it seems to give people a license for one night to act in ways that they normally wouldn’t every act. I am against any institutionalized day that gives permission to people for behaviors that, under “normal” circumstances, would not be acceptable.   

Whatever the excuse or justification may be, I hate what costumes do to people.  Sorry – no Happy Halloweenie message from me people! I’m just being real here!  

On a serious note: be safe out there tomorrow with your kids and with yourself.
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