Friday, February 5, 2010

Cant We All Just Get Along

In the words made famous by a well known Los Angeles defendant, I'd like to ask: "Cant we all just get along" ...!? But it seems to be the case today in rainy Los Angeles on this Friday, February 5 2010, that we cannot just get along.

As I write to you, I have just finished reading the fifth TMZ update to the Conrad Murray debacle surrounding his surrender - originally scheduled for 1:30pm today (now it looks like charges will be filed on Monday). Many people would like to think that the feuding between the DA's office and LAPD in this case is an aberration. But unfortunately, from my experiences as a prosecutor in LA, feuds surrounding the investigation and following of cases are commonplace. The cops don't want to be told by the attorney how to run a case and the attorney feels they somehow know how to do it better.

Frankly, there is a place for all involved -- this is supposed to be a team effort. There are important roles and point to be taken on both sides. The current frenzy only makes LA as a whole look unprofessional, petty and even egotistical. Of course, the news pundits know that this MJ fever makes for great TV, but it does not allow for justice in the long run.

Perhaps everyone should just take a breath and remember Rodney's words: "Can't we all just get along." LA should make a decision to begin this process now - the world is watching, let's deliver.

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