Friday, February 12, 2010

Conrad Murray: Get Ready to See A Fight

I was outside the courtroom for most of the day on Monday to cover the Conrad Murray "event". I’m sure none of you out there need to be told who Conrad Murray is -- Michael Jackson’s doctor who was charged with involuntary manslaughter!  It was so interesting for me to be reporting on the case, instead of being in the courtroom – as I have actually spent time a lot of time that particular court when I was a prosecutor. It was quite a scene that day!  It looked more like the scene of a pop concert than a court hearing.  

So what is going to happen? I wish I had a crystal ball or was able to read tealeaves. Is this going to be another 'trial of the century'?  It could be.  But besides the frenzy that comes along with anything MJ related - this is fascinating case.  I mean a really interesting case on its own.  It brings up issues of celebrity (but where the victim is the celebrity), issues of  how we deal with drugs and drug addiction, and the issue of doctor accountability.

My inside sources have said to me "get ready to see a fight.” In other words: Dr. Murray loves his job and his license is important to him and he is not going to plead to anything that puts his medical practice in jeopardy.   So, if the good doc is going to fight why aren't we seeing 2nd degree murder charges?  Isn't there enough to show malice (remember malice is not defined as intent to kill)?  Since the ethical basis to charge manslaughter exists, why not let a jury decide when they get mandatorily instructed on the lesser crime?

So, I'm curious people.... What do you think?  What about the charges? Does involuntary manslaughter make sense to you? Should Murray as a doctor have known better then to administer that amount of Propofol to Jackson? I know the Jackson family is upset.  But what would you do if you were on the jury?  Email me, blog, or join the Justice Interrupted chat room where Brian Oxman - Jackson family lawyer - will join us live from ITALY as we dissect, squabble, and analyze this case.

As we head into a Valentines Day weekend, remember to be kind to each other, stay safe, and enjoy your family, friends, and loved ones!

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