Friday, June 4, 2010

Did Richard Hirsch's Statement do Bruce Beresford Redman Justice?

You have probably heard the expression "a day late and a dollar short." Never has it been so apropos than in the recent Press Release statement issued by Bruce Beresford Redman (via his lawyer Richard Hirsch) this last week.

You know the Bruce Beresford Redman.  He is the Survivor producer who went on vacation to Cancun with his wife who was found strangled to death adjacent from the Moon Palace Resort.

It was only after Mexican officials had made Beresford Redman aware of a signed arrest warrant on Monday, May 31, 2010 that Beresford Redman all of a sudden had a rush of sympathy and expressed condolences to the Burgos family. In the 57 days preceding that, he never said he was sorry or sad. He never offered explanations or contributed financially or otherwise to the investigation for the real perp.  We haven't seen him desperately trying to get home from Mexico to take care of his young children who must be heartbroken after learning of the death of their mother.  As a matter of fact all we have seen is him being evasive - fleeing, not making himself available to law enforcement for questioning when they so desired approximately two weeks ago. We saw a desire to bar his kids from the ONLY memorial that was set up for their mother Monica, and a plan to “fight” extradition to Mexico.

By the way, this is all in addition to other factors that tend to show that he is guilty .... like - um - the 3 different life insurance policies he took out on his wife's life within 3 months (including than accidental "death and dismemberment policy!"; witnesses that will attest to fighting the night before her mysterious death; a weak (if not lame) excuse that she went shopping but whoops didn’t bring a cell phone and left at 8:30AM (who does that in CANCUN while on vacation!?); scratch marks on his neck; inconsistencies in his accounts and the accounts of witnesses; need I go on?

As much I would like to heed Richard Hirsch’s desire to avoid “rushing to judgment”  -how can we not and why shouldn’t we?  Face it people: we live in a judgmental society. We size people and situations up all the time. We draw conclusions over cocktails, in lunchrooms, and in op-ed pieces (like this one).  Granted, those judgments must be cast aside if we are in AMERICAN court where U.S. law is practiced.  But right now, because of Bruce Beresford Redman’s own actions we are not in a court of law, in the United States or otherwise.

So, as long as this case is being looked into at the court of public opinion (where there is no presumption of innocence) I say Bruce (and Richard) it’s time to think of a new strategy because this one ain’t working!

Read Press Release Quote (posted on TMZ) 

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