Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sax Summer Hours!

Even though crime doesn’t stop for the summer, it seems that everyone else does or at least slows down. Congress isn’t in session in July and August; Oprah and other syndicated shows go on “hiatus” for several weeks; and of course, schools that operate on the traditional calendar are off too!  So people, I am adopting Sax Summer Hours!
Yup, you read right! I am kicking off the high heels, tossing the suit to the curb, and going to spend some much needed quality time with my family and friends. (Hi, remember me?) 

That is not to say that you won’t see my smiley mug on TV or read my words on your favorite blogs --  it means I have remembered that summer is the traditional time of year when we rest a little and should be more family/friend oriented. So I am going to tote flipflops and not run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I know you're thinking "yah right" but this is serious! Serious Summer business, that is.

Normally I give you my outspoken viewpoints on cases but today I am sharing a tidbit to take care of you. I realize that relaxing or resting sometimes seems like a huge luxury that we cannot afford, either for financial or personal reasons. But most of the time the only thing keeping us from having a more relaxed and calm mindset is ourselves. You know you can take a few hours on the weekends for beach or pool time ... You know you can head to the movies one summer night (see my Finds below for info on The Grove movies in The Park!) .... You know you can make these things happen ... so do it!

We all need some time. Time to think, reflect, meditate, connect, disconnect, decompress, and simply chill.  I know do it’s easier said than done (trust me!).  But do it anyway.  Use the time for you and your friends and family, take the time to pick up a new hobby (or not), read the book that you always wanted to (the trashy one is fine too!!!). Or enjoy any of these out-of-state Wacky Summer activities from MSNBC:

Summer Redneck GamesJuly 10, Dublin, Ga.?Barnesville (my favorite!)
Potato DaysAugust 27/28, Barnesville, Minn.
Mid-Atlantic Hermit Crab ChallengeJuly 10, Virginia Beach, Va.
The Wayne Chicken ShowJuly 9/11, Wayne, Neb.
Roswell UFO Festival July 1/4, Roswell, N.M.
Weird Contest WeekAugust 16/20, Ocean City, N.J.
Wisconsin State Cow Chip ThrowSeptember 3/4, Prairie du Sac, Wis.
Hemingway Days FestivalJuly 20/25, Key West, Fla.
World Championship Cardboard Boat RacesJuly 31, Heber Springs, Ark.
National Tom Sawyer DaysJuly 1/4, Hannibal, Mo. 

Whether you go big for a Summer trip or just go out for a Summer night, DO something to signify it's Summer! Adopt Sax Summer Hours and let's spread the word!


maryhanlonstone said...

Hmmmm, you telling us to relax, I would like to see how you do that!

Robin Sax said...

I have totally impeached myself. Ok peeps call me out so far Sax Summer Hours hasn't happened.