Thursday, July 15, 2010

This world needs a big mouth!

My goal to employ Sax Summer Hours (i.e. taking a little break from working non-stop) has somewhat failed - although I did spend a wonderful day with my daughter at Disneyland and made time to see the new Despicable Me film with the fam last week. However, there are too many important cases and issues bubbling to stay on the sidelines for longer then one week.  I mean how could I keep my big mouth quiet when Mel Gibson's tirade was released by Radar Online, the Swiss wimped out and disgraced victims and the justice system by denying extradition, Florida gave custody to Mindy McCready's abusive mom, and people are still trying to rip Courtney Love Cobain off?  Yup, this is a peek at all of the issues that I have been personally entrenched in all week long. So, while I have totally impeached myself with my lofty ideas of "summer break", and though the sun is shining, the dark world of injustice still persists -- Ok, I know it sounds dramatic, but just flip on the TV and you will quickly agree. This world needs a big mouth and right now that is me. So, folks, I am asking for your forgiveness for my fib of summer hours post and help me in spreading the word and fighting the injustices in both my cases (feel free to check them out at Current Case File) and any of yours. New Sax summer motto: be proactive (but wear flip flops while doing it)!

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