Monday, August 2, 2010

Justice for Stacey Doss & Baby Vanessa

Background & Commentary
Stacey Doss adopted baby Vanessa at birth with the help of an adoption agency. This was a legitimate adoption. Baby Vanessa, now two years old, has been ordered to return to Ohio. Vanessa will be cared for by her paternal grandmother, whom she has never met. Stacey Doss, Vanessa’s adoptive mother, was given until July 16 to turn over the child. Vanessa's allegedly violent biological father, Benjamin Mills, Jr. (who has a child endangerment charge on his record as well as being imprisoned for domestic violence) is seeking to take Vanessa away from Stacey, the only mother she has ever known. It is unclear why Mills suddenly wants to assert his paternity. As a former prosecutor, I see this as an case where bio-dad has desire to gain power and control over his favorite victim, bio-mom. So he is hurting everyone in the process to to gain power -- instead of thinking of the best interest of this child.

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Statements from Stacey Doss: 
"My attorneys have told me that in California, an adopting parent and a child get a hearing in the case of a failed adoption to determine if custody must change or if, perhaps, a guardianship, which permits the birth parent to retain parental rights, is in order.  By blindly following Ohio's orders, the CA court denied me that right and violated my constitutional rights and my daughter's rights as well.
Wednesday July 14, 2010
"The California Court of Appeal has granted us our appeal request for an immediate temporary stay.  The response states, '...the child shall not be removed from Orange County, CA, until further order of this court.'  This means that Vanessa is safe in California, with me, for the time being.  We are elated that the emergency stay is based on the Appellate Court’s concern for Vanessa’s best interest. Today's decision is one victory in what will likely be a long fight.  We are hoping that this case is somehow precedent setting for all children in this country."   

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Anonymous said...

"Stacey Doss adopted baby Vanessa at birth with the help of an adoption agency. This was a legitimate adoption. Baby Vanessa, now two years old, has been ordered to return to Ohio."

No, she did not... She was assigned as the foster mother while Mr Mills was challenging. She then left Ohio and tried to use the CA courts to deny him his rights. The guy is scum, probably won't win his rights but he is still due a day in court to fight.

"It is unclear why Mills suddenly wants to assert his paternity."

Mr Mills (Alleged Scumbag) made his inention known shortly after the child was born... That's why Ms Doss fled the state of Ohio before his DNA test was complete.

"As a former prosecutor, I see this as an case where bio-dad has desire to gain power and control over his favorite victim, bio-mom"

You are a sexist pure and simple. If my Wife tried to give away my kids I would fight like hell because they are my kids (the same reason a mother might fight if the roles were reversed).

HE attempted to stop the adoption two years ago and Doss broke the law and ignored court orders because she wants a baby, no matter what the biological parents want...

Anonymous said...

This has brought tears to my eyes. I feel for Stacey and Vanessa. Being an adoptive mother of a 2 year old myself this really hits home. My prayers are with you. And I cant imagine any Judge taking this beautiful little girl away from her mommy and handing her over to this stranger.

Anonymous said...

I saw the episode with Stacey Doss and her legal battle with her adopted daughter. It made me so sad that she may have to give her back. I think that in Ohio the statute of limitation to challenge the adoption is one year. I think this is just horrible and have a similar situation of my own and took it to heart. You have probably investigated this and maybe since he was not aware and didn't sign off paternal rights the adoption is not valid. This child should not have to go to foster care that is just not right. You can see that she is loved and wanted so much it would be a shame.

Anonymous said...

How the court could even remotely consider sending Vanessa to foster care is criminal - This is not about Mr Mills or for that matter Ms Doss - its should be and is about what is best for baby Vanessa - she needs to stay with Ms Doss and ultimately the adoption should be granted

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the lives of Stacey Doss and her adopted daughter, Vanessa should not be interrupted by anyone. Stacey is the only mother this child has known and she should not be taken away from her. Please don't destroy these lives. Little Vanessa is only two years old and should someone remove her from the loving mother she has, it would be most devistating. Leaving Vanessa with Stacey is the best interest of the child. For the sake of God, leave them alone. Mr Mills, you don't even know Vanessa and she does not know you, please keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

Finally a Judge has amde a ruling "In the best interest of the child" not Ms. Doss or Mr. Mills'Even if the courts gave him custody (God Forbid) he would not be the person looking after
Vanessa..his elderly un-employed mother who takes care two other children and lives with an
unidetified man, not the grandfather. This gets worse as it goes along!!! The "best Interest of the Child is sooooh obvious!!!! Leave Vanessa
alone, or she will be another victim of Mr. Mills
and his very disfunctional family,,,may God help
Vanessa's sister's

Anthony the 1st said...

Regardless of what you think of the father, HE IS HER FATHER!!!! He contested he adoption of HIS child and is fighting to get custody. Without knowing everything about this man, if he is willing to step up and raise his child how can yo uwant to deny THE FATHER the right to raise HIS CHILD!!!!

Anonymous said...

"My attorneys have told me that in California, an adopting parent and a child get a hearing in the case of a failed adoption to determine if custody must change or if, perhaps, a guardianship, which permits the birth parent to retain parental rights, is in order. By blindly following Ohio's orders, the CA court denied me that right and violated my constitutional rights and my daughter's rights as well.
Does anybody else notice that she has completely overlooked her role in violating Mr. Mills' rights by leaving Ohio with Vanessa knowing that the birth mother lied and there was a father claiming his biological rights to Vanessa days after Vanessa was born? She basically stole this baby and expects everybody to take her side. I wonder how you would feel if somebody stole your child from you and you had to fight for years to get them back.

Anonymous said...

"Baby stealing" -- oh brother, get your facts straight! Both CA and OH authories told Ms. Doss she was free to return to CA. There was no DNA test done yet for this lying, woman-beating, child-support-ditching, child endangering (beats his son already!) waste of a human being. He is not exactly a fine, upstanding citizen, and we shouldn't have paid any attention to him until the DNA test came back anyway. He not only doesn't see his other FOUR kids, he beats them too, so you want to let this one be a punching bag too??? What kind of a sick human are you????? Oh must be his lawyer.

Anonymous said...

He is a piece oh shit doesn't take care of his other kids and there is plenty of them beat the hell out of the bio mom and will continue to cause that's the vicous cycle they are on and always has been. Neither are fit parents his mother is elderly and unemployed and allows that drug abusing dope dealer in and out her house....for the safety and future of that lil girl leave where she belongs in CA with the only person that can offer her a normal life.

Anonymous said...

Bio mom is a prostitue who sells her self for whatever she can. Bio dad is a abuser drugs-women-and children.....neither are suitable and how do u take a child from her mom to give her to a old lady with no job who may not live to raise her to age 18 then what back to foster care.....this is a joke do right by that baby girl keep her in Cali !

Anonymous said...

If he really cared about his daughter he wouldn't rip her away from the only parent she's ever known, especially at an age where attachment is so crucial.

Cheryl said...

I admire Stacey Doss for adopting little Vanessa, however it is obvious she has little to no knowledge of how to care for and manage black hair. The first thing she needs to do is stop washing is so often - black hair is very dry and very brittle and in most cases should not be washed more than once a week. Secondly she needs to add some sort of moisturizer to it and either braid it or twist. Help is available if she needs it!

Anonymous said...

Yes Cheryl, amid a custody battle in which this woman is about to lose her daughter, I'm sure her top concern is the little girl's hair.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows how easy it is for a man to 'make' a baby...give this child the chance to enjoy a better life with the Ms. Doss.

Anonymous said...

Why are we so quick to defend Stacy Doss. This child was not giving a chance to get to know her father. Vanessa should have this option. I am so tired of adoptive parents saying that I'm the only parent she or him has ever know, when the bio parent has tried to be apart of the child life early and was block. It not fair. SHE SHOULD RETURN THE BABY!!!

Anonymous said...

Our court system does NOT protect children. It protects biological parents and their constitutional rights to raise their children. But what happens when the biological parent didnt want the child to begin with, had nothing to do with the mother during pregnancy, moved on and got another girl pregnant, and is now trying to take the child from the only home and family the child has ever known.How does a judge make a determination on the "best interest of the child" if NO ONE from the court has ever observed the child with any party in the case. I feel for Stacy and Vanessa, as I am fighting my own court battle to save a child I have raised for 2 years and love unconditionally. I have followed the law to have guardianship of this child, and now because the bio father wants to be a father, my family and more inportantly this child have to suffer??? Our system needs serious help, innocent children are victims to the behaviors of adults, they deserve equal rights to a loving, healthy, safe, and permanent home!!!

Anonymous said...

How was Ms. Voss able to ADOPT this child at birth? It sounds like this child was PLACED with Ms. Voss but not legally adopted. There is a time frame between when a child is placed with potential adoptive parent/s and when the adoption is finalized. If the adoption has not been finalized then Ms. Sax is very misleading with her opening statement.

If the child was legally adopted at birth, this should be illegal. Natural mothers should always be given time to reconsider their decision AFTER the birth. Things can seem very once the child is born.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1/8/11 3:41pm
Should have written Ms. Doss. And last sentence should be : Things can seem very different once the child is born.