Friday, December 3, 2010

The Last Few Weeks in Hollyweird

The Ronni Chasen case has everyone on the edge of their seats with new twists and turns around every corner.  Some call this case a strange murder mystery, but for Angelenos this is more than a captivating story – this is personal. We are all obsessed here. Obsessed with the clues and obsessed with the lack of 4-1-1.  
But the lack of 4-1-1 is a refreshing new change to the leaks that dominate celebrity justice.  But is no news really helping or are we now going the other way where the lack of clues and insights is causing new waves of rumor, speculation, and potential loonies falsely confessing?  Would it be helpful to get more information out there? Do we have  a right to know? 
Whatever your opinion, it is certainly refreshing to see the investigation begin and end with Beverly Hills Police Department.  They have said they are in charge and they certainly are.  Kudos to you and anytime you want to share news, I am here for you guys!!!

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