Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Will Charges Be Filed Against Lindsay Lohan?

There are two different issue to consider in the latest Lindsay Lohan incident (a possible assault charge against her from a run in with a female worker at the Betty Ford Rehab Clinic last night). First issue: are there going to be charges in this case, and second: is this going to be a violation of her probation. Either one could land her back in custody.

This is a "she said/she said" kind of situation so it is all about credibility here. Lindsay Lohan does not have very good credibility, so the issue is now going to be, is this worker, Dawn Holland, credible? The worker, Holland, was just fired because she broke the confidentiality rules at the clinic. There are rumored allegations that Holland has a former assault charge against her husband, which also goes toward her credibility.

Anytime that there is a confidential situation with leak of information, there is going to be a mark against credibility. Here also though we have a drug addict, Lohan, who will go to any desperate measures to be able to use and abuse drugs. We have someone who has lied to the court before, someone who has done very little to stay out of jail. So in a credibility call, it is hard predict where the truth will come down.

Lohan was only two weeks away from her end of the stay. It is hard to believe that she would risk everything by sneaking out, according to what many witnesses are saying, since she did not have permission to leave the clinic that night. If she sneaked out and used drugs, it would make sense why she refused to take a test and became agitated with Holland. Judge Fox specifically kept Lohan in custody to make it through the difficult time of the holidays, ending her stay on January 3rd. 

Although some may want to believe Lohan is now cured after her rehab stay, it seems consistent with her continued addiction that she is relapsing again. After several months in rehab, why is she resorting to this kind of behavior? Is she really taking it all seriously? No one seems truly convinced that Lindsay Lohan has been cured. She has not admitted she has a problem. It seems she is utilizing rehab as a way of avoiding jail.  Bar-hopping and drinking is is not on the Betty Ford list of approved activities. However, they have given Lohan opportunities to have day passes because these are markers that Betty Ford uses to test how well a patient is committed to the process. Lohan had permission to shop, but not to drink.

Lohan is probably going to be facing a Judge, yet again, and possibly even facing now criminal charges. The real problem is, from a PR point of view, that Lohan is on the defensive once again. Until she really takes an offensive approach to her problem, she will always be steps behind. If this assault allegation and violation has anything to do with drugs or alcohol, and that is proved, Judge Fox will put Lohan back in custody.

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