Friday, August 21, 2009

Crimes Against Children’s Conference

I just spent four days in Dallas at the Crimes Against Children’s Conference where 4,000 people (mainly law enforcement, prosecutors, and social workers) gathered together to work towards bettering our system and society on behalf of children.  The energy and the people were phenomenal.

But what struck me so forcefully was the need to network, connect, and lean on our colleagues.  Despite the fact that we are in an economic crisis, professionals, advocates, and others should get together and meet to share ideas , to brainstorm, to vent….to grow. I have found that you can always find someone you can connect with, regardless of the makeup of a group.

In addition to the educational benefits at seminars, there is another, more important benefit: getting to know your colleagues and hang out with them, both professionally and person.  There is tremendous gain for everyone when you take the time to get to know the people around you.

In a time where we achieve most of our connectedness via digital devices—computers, pda’s and cell phones, I suggest we get out of our offices, off our chairs, and away from our computer screens to get out and meet people.  Whether an author, advocate, lawyer, entertainer, a business person, or a parent—all of us need the support of others.   Whether you have a conference or seminar to go to or not, create opportunities to meet people.  Make coffee dates and lunch plans and connect with people.  There are amazing people out there doing amazing things and you should know about them!

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