Friday, August 7, 2009

Lily Burk Tragedy

The case of Lily Burk continues to shake my family, my kids’ school, and the city of Los Angeles.  As I wrote my article for the Huffington Post, I tried my best to focus on the issues of proactive safety, awareness, and empowerment.

But just after I put the final touches on my piece, the Los Angeles Times printed an article highlighting the criminal history and the snafus that allowed Charles Samuel, a violent criminal, out on the streets, our streets, to kill one of our own.  This was not the first time this month that a government agency messed up. I’d like to draw your attention back to six-year-old Dae'von Bailey, who was murdered by his mom’s ex-boyfriend’s, Marcas Fisher, despite a dozen phone warnings to the Department of Children Services.

This is unacceptable! Yet, where is the outrage?  Where is the disgust?  Why aren’t these unforgivable omissions being discussed national networks?  We have all heard about the exchange between
Professor Henry Louis Gates and Sergeant James Crowley.  And while that may have been a case of mutual snafus, poor manners, and according to some (not me) “racism,” the event drew international attention, climaxed by a “beer summit!”

Why, then, aren’t we demanding a summit addressing the accountability of government agencies to ensure that our children are safe?

As a loyal saxfacts reader, I invite you to share my outrage.  Blog, write, or speak up and share your stories.  Share the stories of incompetency, injustice, unfairness.  Don’t keep them in—let them out, share them, and make your voices heard!!!

The only way to create change is to speak up and protest the agency laxity that leads to the death of innocent children.  If you don’t know where to write, email me at  I have tons of suggestions for where your voice can be heard and your thoughts can be shared!

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